Thursday, January 26, 2012

My City's Filthy: Minneapolis

Entertainment. The sole provider and destroyer of this small community of humanity this part of the galaxy has seen. Mixing up the needs and wants of the human race as we all desperately find meaning for the reason we breathe.

There we were, freezing our asses off because we were too cool for jackets in the middle of December. Jake and I were waiting in line to get into First Avenue while listening to a sidewalk poet preach a familiar beat when my friend quietly says, "Dude, He sounds a lot like this rapper." Whipping out his phone and plays a youtube clip.

Modern Technology has helped in many ways with benefits ranging from all areas and industries. But yet it's holding most of us back from achieving anything and everything that we've ever wanted.

Some kid shouts, "This is the Will-Call line..." I turn to my friend, "!@#$" Are you telling me, we've stood in this line for nothing. Dashing to the front, we realize we could have just walked in and handed them a ticket. [Not the greatest moment, I've had] 

As technology advances, gadgets become more accessible to the public while creating a "more connected" social scene. While all I seem to come across is the public looking at their iphone, ipad, kindle, nook, etc., indulging in some other place than where they currently reside.

We "B-Line" it straight to the merch table. "Dude! I hope they still have enough shirts left." Thankfully, we both get to experience a sign of relief as we snag a "My City's Filthy Minneapolis" Tee.

As we continue to stay integrated into this internet "life-like" connection, the easier it is to keep up with friends. How cool is it to be able to stay in touch with people around the world, let alone the people that live miles away? I think it's the greatest invention since sliced bread.

Heading up the stairs, seeing the entire general admission was awe inspiring. Just that brilliant positive energy. This is going to be a great show. Champagne, Champagne, kicks it off. Everyone in the room gets to witness the talent the backup man has as he multi-tasks with the laptop, keyboard, guitar, drums, and even a cowbell.

But as we advance through this world, we seem to indulge into the using the easiest form of communication. Texting/Instant Messaging.

"Shit. I just remembered, we gotta get down there to fight through the crowd" I turn to Jake. "Macklemore is almost up. Alright, Game Plan. Let's do it, push our way up to the front. See you on the other-side." 

Using these streams of communication, the phrase, "Lost in Translation" couldn't be more perfect. We no longer hear words, we see words. We can't comprehend the tone when a satellite blasts our phone with a text. We spend so much time laughing, yet we barely ever hear it or feel it. We read it in symbols and letters: "LOL, HAHA, 哈哈 etc."

Mid-set, a humbling-serious tone seems to overcast the room. Learning from past and present, we learn a little about our favorite artist and how much work he has put in. The dedication that it took... No, that was needed to bring his dream to become a reality. He names off a book, Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell. Instantly, I make a note to myself as Malcolm Gladwell wrote on of my favorite books, Blink. Then he blasts a few mad-skilled hip-thrusts as the lights begin to dim on the stage. All of a sudden,  The Loud Speakers Ignite With Passion

This master of poetry and words, simply offers passion, skillfully placed words, and emotion that I can not portray. Marshall "Soulful" Jones - Touchscreen (Thanks, Jake)

Hot and sweaty dancing. How can you not want to dance to this song. This crowd, this scene explodes with emotions. Happiness, Excitement, Passion are just a few that are easily seen from all the pearly-white smiles that cover the #sharkfacegang. Positivity flows through everyone that can hear or witness this performance. This is what we need to be experiencing everyday. (I guess this is where the saying, "I get high off Life" comes from.)

As technology brings us closer together yet farther apart. I can not disregard the fact that technology has brought us so many benefits. It has improved every aspect in this world and will only help this world prosper by spreading the knowledge that this tiny rock has to offer. 

Epic. A very overused word. Yet, there is not a single word that can explain how amazing this concert is. The creativity, the hard work, and the passion this man has put into his music was an awe inspiring experience. 

TED, also know as, is a site that displays inspirational people who are creating inventions and ideas that will better this planet as the years pass. The best part is that these talented people share a different thought process, explain different psychologies of culture or people, and most importantly, have the ability to introduce people to new experiences that are available in this world. 

Technology can save us or can destroy us. Some say, "Moderation" is key, but maybe... We just have to ponder, Do we own technology or does technology own us? 

Cherrio & Much Love

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello, Your Doctor Will Now See You...

Twenty-Twelve. Who would have thought, that this may in fact be the last year of existence. Well I guess if you believe the Mayans or maybe some other ancient civilization, who have held the common belief that they built all of those magnificent structures, but yet couldn't understand that man could tame and ride a horse, nor invent a weapon of self defense better than bows and arrows. I will have to stick with my gut and believe that the only thing that will happen on December 22nd will be me waking up with a giant headache from one-too-many-shots.  
With the final year approaching, I thought it'd be appropriate that I spend it somewhere I've never been. Sunny Arizona. With my future student-doctor-friend Kyle. Spending a few days in his luxury apartment complete with scenic view, pool, spa, and enough sight seeing to keep even a young lad like me occupied. Of course, since he is studying to be a doctor, I was lucky enough to meet all his lovely and smart doctor friends. What a change of scenery.  
Ok. Maybe that last sentence was said with a hint... of sarcasm. Growing up, I've always had this perception that everyone that becomes a doctor or even goes to graduate school is super intelligent and that I nor anyone I know, would compete with that kind of intelligence level. My entire life I've never really met any doctor on a social level other than those doctor appointments that I always dread going to. Well for the first time, I met some future-doctors. Smart? Yes. Intelligent? Of course. The problem. I have this fear which is, all they know is their field of study. Am I wrong? Most likely, but... 
I have some people in my life. That may never be credited as the smartest or the most intelligent. But I admire them because I believe they are the smartest bunch of folks I've ever met. Why? They talk from experience. Talk from making so many mistakes that they experienced something. Figured it out the hard way and grasped how this life as we know it works. They don't have a college degree nor do people refer them as Dr.  
They are just normal people like you and I. And that is what I thought of most of the people I met that were studying to be doctors and what-not. They are just normal people that have chosen the path to focus their studies on a certain field for a couple of years. Dedication. It's not always about talent, but how much dedication you have for something.  
But from what I experienced, it's not always the right kind of dedication. My future-doctor-friend, has the right dedication. The one that wants to improve the industry, that is genuinely intrigued by the eye and all it's features, and most of all, doesn't give a fuck about the money nor the prestige. That's the scary part. My friend is few and far between. 
I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve the perceived "smartness and intelligence" level that they hold of doctors but we as humans can only achieve what we believe we can achieve. We, ourselves are the only thing holding us back from reaching what we want most in life. Self-doubt, Ego, hesitation, etc... destroys us from following the path we really want to.  
It all comes down to... how bad you want something. How much you are willing to give up, so that someday you will achieve that one thing you hold dear. Some of us don't want it as bad as we want to party. Most of us don't even want it more than we want to sleep! It's not the smartest people that make it big, it's the people that work the hardest, that don't give up because their opportunity could pass at any moment! 
We may perceive others to be smarter or more intelligent than us, but believe that you can be just as or even more. In the end, this world is all about fighting your own fears and doubts.

Much Love and may your 2012 Resolutions be nothing more than a hiccup in this crazy journey.

PS: You are Intelligent and Beautiful. Please don't forget that. 

"Before you diagnose yourself 
with depression or low self esteem, 
first make sure that you are not, in fact, 
just surrounding yourself with assholes."

- William Gibson -