Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ding. You Have Arrived at You're Destination

Life. It's complicated. At times, it's difficult and a pain in the ass. But yet, it's utterly amazing and beautiful all at the same time.
There are so many paths that we can make. Every single situation, decision, and action opens up a brand new highway of choices in our life. Heading towards our main destination we all hit a few rough patches, detours, and encounter a couple burnt bridges, as we all try to figure out how to live the best life. For most this is a scary trip as this one doesn't come with proper guidance. No GPS or Google Maps for this wonderful trip. We all have to rely on our friends, family, strangers, and ourselves for guidance through this journey. 
This is a topic that has been troubling me for quite a while. I think back to High School, where I thought I'd be done with college, have a great job, almost married, and have a good path on life, by the time I hit the age of 23. As of right now, I have accomplish about... Zero, of those goals. (Well I guess I am done with college, technically, only officially if WSU pulls their head out of there asses and figures out the paperwork. but that could be a whole rant in itself) I have actually backed tracked in my youthful-18 yr. old prophecy as I am currently living under the same roof as my amazing parents. (That wasn't in the whole master plan) Yet, it is really awesome not to pay rent, so that I can pay off those pesky student loans. 
I think I've realized my huge fault in that prophecy of mine. I didn't realize that growing up (slash) being grown up [as what I thought it would be at age 18] would be like this. I didn't expect that after 5 years, I'd still have no idea what it means to be "grown up". To still be listening to the same 3 musicians that I loved when I was in 6th grade and to still have no clue on what I want to do in this life. (Correction: I do know, what I don't want to do. Things like: climb the corporate ladder, indulge myself in items that I don't need, fall in love for all the wrong reasons, and be grounded from seeing other places in this world.) 
I've realized why the Slow Down poem hit so deep. [Yeah, just referenced my own blog in another blog...] It wasn't all about what I thought I should be: writer this, book that, or I should be there by now. It was about me, taking a step back, being happy with what I'm doing and where I'm at. Realizing that everything is just a stepping stone in place to help me reach that next destination.  
Back to my huge fault of rushing through life to get to that "better and awesome" moment of being "grown up". I wanted to see how old 23 actually was. Am I just lying to myself to make this all better? or is 23 still some-what young? So I did a quick Google search on the oldest person. It brought up a woman that hit the age of 122. DOB: 1875 
I was born about 132 years after her. If I'm not mistaken, Health Science, Medical Treatments, and Living Conditions have improved about 10-fold since her time. This makes me feel a bit relaxed because I've made a new goal. I will out live this amazing woman. That means that I have about 100 years left in me and that at age 23, I don't need to get all stressed at the fact of not knowing what I want to do the rest of my life. At the age of 123, I hope that I will understand that life is just about family, friends, strangers, and my dog. 
  • 2 years ago, I wouldn't have thought I could speak and understand Mandarin Chinese while living in a foreign country.
  • 3 years ago, I wouldn't have thought I could play, sing, and create music on a guitar.
  • 3 months ago, I wouldn't have thought I'd be learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai.
Just a few example and it makes me realize that... I haven't had time to comprehend what this world has to offer or what I could cross paths with. There is no possible way that I can plan my life out as I'm still learning about all the great possibilities out there. Even the possibility that, what lays in my future hasn't even been invented yet or thought of, could be true.  
For me, I feel I need to sit back, invest in myself, and create a few new goals. (If you are like me) Don't worry, we have time my friends. Don't rush it, take it slow and enjoy it (the good and bad) We may never get this chance again.

Much Love

I can't find the best in all of this
But I'm always looking out for you
Cause you're the one I miss
And it's driving me crazy

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Just Another Night

There I was. Calmly walking through this white pastel hallway leading up to an smooth wooden door. I wasn't sure on why I felt so confident walking in, but there was a strange feeling of a need to bust down this door with a swift kick. Bang, one forward kick breaks the door free as I feel a rush of adrenaline pump through my body. As I proceed forward I encounter two massively-built biker dudes, who are taken back but are now ready to defend themselves. 
I have this recollection, that I was warned on how dangerous these two thugs were going to be and how infamous they were at man-handling people to where trying to identifying them was nearly impossible. Somehow, that didn't stop me from carrying forward as I narrowly ducked out of the way of the incoming fury of punches.
At that moment I remembered all my training from before, the long hard hours spent learning armed combat as I became excellent at dodging and countering two human giants. I realize I have an onyx-colored metal object in my hand as I swiftly duck under a right cross and counter with a hammering blow. I can hear the thick grunt of pain coming from the direct hit and out of the corner of my eye I see his friend coming to my left. I swing my hips and impede his attack with a quick reverse kick to his inner thigh. Stunned with his legs spread apart and trying to gain balance, I make the terrible decision to attempt a golf swing straight to his groin.
There it was. The look of disgust, pain, and how could you on his scarred face as I connect with my risky golf swing. There's a moment where it's freeze frame and I'm starring him straight in the eyes and calmly speaking Mandarin Chinese. As I drop the metal object and fly by the two guards, I quickly search the drawers for the item I'm desperately searching for.
Ah ha! I found it, what it is, I'm not sure but I've decided not to stay long enough for ogre #1 and #2 to regain consciousness. As I sprint back out the door where I expect to run back through the pastel hallway, I break through the bright light and find myself in a giant mall filled with thousands of shoppers. 
There I was, desperately trying to understand this change of scenery as I'm being chased by tons of people in black suits. I find myself running in slow motion through hallways, stairwells, random doors to try and get away. Each floor has a different color code reminding me that I need to keep moving or else these people are going to catch me and my gut feeling tells me it won't be friendly. 
That's the moment where I find myself running towards a quaint coffee shop that connects 4 different corridors in this giant mall. My fear of these secret agents die and it is replaced with nervousness and I become very hesitant to continue towards this place. Nearing closer I realize I recognize this mystery girl, who is eagerly waiting for me to relieve her of the two drinks in front of her. 
 There I was. Sitting opposite of her, shaky knees, sweaty hands and all. Nervous and scared to really tell her what I thought of everything. Just as she finished speaking and I was about to reply, I feel a slight tempo change as time began to slow down. I have two thoughts in my head, do I tell her or do I get up so I can use this chair and swing for the fences?
 Before I could even contemplate on each, I was already standing and pivoting with chair-in-hand swinging for the fences. As I'm swinging at whatever is behind me, I realize that the "suits" have caught up with me again. The woman bartender screams in horror as I connect chair to face of the suit sneaking up behind me. The wooden chair explodes into a cloud of splinters as I tell the mystery girl to run!
I can't believe it, this only happens in those really bad kung-fu movies. I'm fighting my way through numerous of 'suits' ducking, dodging, countering, kicking, and punching to my well deserved escape route. In the heat of battle I find myself smiling and laughing as I realize that these Muay Thai classes are actually coming into use. Just as that thought escapes me I get a full-blown wake up punch to the face... 
It almost felt real, as I find myself laying in my bed with a nice cold sweat covering my body. I think to myself, I can't let a dream end like that and return to my earlier state of being... 
 As I return to mayhem, I realize that I am no longer battling the 'suits' from before. I find myself running towards an airport with an important message to tell Ty. I realize that I am running in a grass field with the skyline bright blue in front of me and as I turn to my left I find a city on fire and gunshots are heard from above. I find myself trying to run even faster but I feel as if I'm stuck in slow motion. I can feel myself being out of breathe and the layer of sweat almost feels real as I wipe my forehead. 
I pop open the cabin to this sunflower-yellow-single-seat-plane and prepare to take off. I'm creeping through the hangar and can see people yelling and chasing me while firing off a couple rounds at me. I blast through and start getting up to speed on the runway so that I can escape this place and fulfill my obligations. I start seeing the end of the runway and find myself cursing because I'm not even close to the correct speed. With all my might I pull the controls closer to me with the hopes that I can get this bad boy off the ground and away from this dreadful scene.   "15 feet and I'm out of runway." I think to myself as I close my eyes, curse at Ty for dragging me into this mess and pray that I can survive. 
As I comeback to reality, I quickly toss and turn trying to keep this movie playing in my head...
I'm flying! I can't believe it. I know how to fly an airplane. That's all I could think about as I roam the skies doing hairpin turns and banking left and right. I was in shock and just soaked up the beautiful scenery of baby blue skies and fluffy white clouds. After reaching this nirvana high of flying I realize that I need to deliver this letter to Ty. I decide to reach in my pocket and read what I risked my life for. The moment I open the letter...
 I find myself, fending off the bright light and loud noises as my nephew barges into my room firing the nerf guns at me. Thinking to myself, I knew I was going to regret buying those... 

(c) 2011 Dec

Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's That Time Already?

What a crazy past few days. Actually, past week. With my best friend flying in from AZ for Thanksgiving and hearing that my other best friend is getting married. It started off with one of those surreal moments of, Holy Shit I'm getting old. 
I'm grabbing a drink at the bar after work with Kyle (who just got back from AZ) and we start having a discussion about 3rd world countries. We get interrupted several times with this "special" friend that has a crush on Kyle. This guy always buys him Tequila shots [which Kyle refuses every time] along with several awkward looks and eye stares. It's the funniest thing ever. I thought it couldn't get any better until this drunk lady walks by, stops, asks if we are talking about 3rd world countries, and tells us that we are way too smart to be here. Before we have the chance to say anything, she just blurts out. "Are you two gay? I mean, you (pointing to me) look straight, but you (looking at Kyle) look feminine." That's the perfect beginning to this festive Thanksgiving week.
Along with Thanksgiving, I had a 5 year reunion. How crazy is that?! 5 years since high school. It doesn't seem that long but when I walked into that room, I realized how many people/friends I hadn't seen in that entire 5 years. To me, it's always fun to listen to people I barely know and either see how awesome they are or how.. goofy or creepy they are. I always have a blast but this night was hands down awesome. Drinking with people I had only known sober and seeing who they truly were or at least were drunk was absolutely fascinating. But with all great nights there's always one moment where it goes downhill... and that one moment is seeing my best friend from 7th grade barging into the room with a giant tray of tequila shots. I'm talking like 40+ tequila shots that he is just handing out to everyone. And... that's pretty much the end of me remembering everything and only remember spots. 
One thing I've noticed/learned from this weekend is that 1) I should be thankful for a lot of shit in my life (Thanks Mom, she gave me a speech about thankful-ness) 2) I've run into some people that always view the past as the good old days and that the future can't possibly even come close to that. Which, my hand is up, my past was hella-fun! And I wish I could travel back in time where I didn't have so many responsibilities or to some of the greatest moments and scenes that are in my head. But I've realized that the future can hold anything in the realm of possibilities just as long as I don't get too lazy and that I keep my priorities straight. 
And I think that it's easy to be side tracked and distracted to lose focus of where I want to go in life when I listen to some types of music. Actually, some of my favorite music makes me get a little side tracked where it makes me 2nd guess myself. I think everyone knows that listening to depressing music when you're depressed will send you even deeper in the rabbit hole while listening to motivational music/clips when you are highly active and productive will blow away your goals.
At this moment of life where the future is dark and stability in life is real shaky, it's easy to think, want, and miss the feeling of the past. It's because we knew what it was and what it felt like, the future is cold, dark, and mysterious. And I believe that most people are ready to face the future, it just comes down to whether or not, they will overcome the fear and nervousness of the excitment that is to come. Which I hope all of my friend do, because it's ok, to be scared and nervous, just as long as you take that first step. 

Much Love

PS: This is the song that got me to take a moment and think back about my life. What could have been, where I could be, and all those silly-fake-scenarios.
"And all I find are souvenirs from better times, before the gleam of your taillights fading east, to find yourself a better life..." - Death Cab for Cutie - Title and Registration 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Proteins and Carbs and Fats... Oh My!

I have a problem. That problem arises from as far back as I can remember. I. Am. A. Health. Nut. Yes, there are more dedicated people than me. Which always makes me think I can do better. Which is awesome because I could listen to people talk about how this chemical compound mixed with this Amino Acid will jack your muscles up or how this protein compound plus this herbal remedy will greatly reduce your body fat.

I think it's amazing how knowledgeable people are when it comes to their own human body. These people may not have passed high school biology (I'm sure most did) but... What I mean is that they may have not had huge strides in science or what is taught is the education system, yet they are some crazy mad scientists when it comes to the human biology and how it reacts to certain chemicals at pre, during, and post workouts.

It blows me away, and I visited a friend that has this mad scientist part of him. (which is awesome, I wish I had that type of knowledge) I simply asked him that, 1) I'm losing weight way too fast and 2) how do I keep it at this [secret] weight. I was taken back. He Dropped Some Knowledge on my ass. It was awesome, I could ask him anything and he told me what I should expect if I take it properly.

I had to think to myself, what a great feeling it has to be when you can help explain how important different supplement are to improving your life. Although, they are only supplements and should supplement a great nutritional diet to really feel the changes. Let's be honest, there is not a "Limitless" Pill, nor would they ever let the common person come in contact with that.

There is one type of supplement that I strongly believe in. I believe that it helps me endure the shitty 8 hour days of retail. Memorize, Remember, and Process all the new information that comes into my life, whether it be, new joint locks or chokes, escapes or take-downs, new combinations in Muay Thai, trying to understand the Ancient Civilizations, or to this, simply writing. It keeps me focused, clear minded, and my attention span is off the charts.

Onnit Labs is the creators/site where I dabble with improving my Congnitive Functions and having the most crazy-awesome-unexplainable dreams. Alpha Brain + New Mood. Best Sleep + Best Dreams I've ever had.

Few of My Current Supplements from Onnit Labs
I take days off and still feel great. I understand that there is a Placebo Effect (which I believe in). Most times, when I get off work, I really just want to sit my ass down on that couch and watch TV. When I do take Alpha Brain I can tell the difference when I get off work when I usually have the mental power to still learn something [piano, guitar or MMA]. That difference right there is why I like to share this with all my friends.

I also signed up to help save some cash for my friends, If you type in the coupon code LUCKY you can save 10% your first order. I would recommend to try Alpha Brain and New Mood.  But since I'm a poor-ass college grad I understand money is tight. It took me a few paychecks to save up for a nice sized order (as you can see in the picture, above)

If anything, check out the site, poke and prod the site and read some information on it. Want to try a free sample, let me know, I'll gladly let you try it out for a couple days. Until next time....

Seize the Day!!

Much Love

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Small World"

There I was. In this foreign place that seemed so familiar. I was searching for something. What? I could not say. I just kept moving, moving past the signs which I couldn't make out and the people that I didn't recognize. I started to move faster until I hit an opening. And there it was. My destination. I finally caught up with my friends that I met from My Adventure. It couldn't have been more clear than to recognize, Suet, Ia, and Ryuichi. 
There I was. Back in Taiwan. Speaking Mandarine and laughing with my friends. My surroundings became clear as I could finally make clear of the symbols and sayings that hung everywhere. Just as I had figured out this environment it suddenly changed. I'm racing up this steep hill. Chasing something, somebody in a bright blue car. I'm speeding past small shops and nearly hitting pedestrians. Am I in an action movie? No, I finally figure out that I'm racing Ryuichi to his restaurant. I'm almost there, almost caught up to him and as I near the top, My car stalls from the climb being too steep. I can feel the panic, the fear as my car starts to pick up speed from rolling backwards. I calm myself, making a shifting movement and blast through a side alley with the feeling of relief as I made it.
There I was. Stepping out of the car. Just as my foot hits the ground, everything changes. I'm placed inside this restaurant. With a feeling of excitement to finally see my friend's dream come true. His very own restaurant. I'm taken back, with a slight, of-all-places-kind of feeling. I see two old friends from High School. Prinzy and Hollerud. Of all people, these two sitting indian style sipping on ancient cups full of Ryuichi's prized soup. I had to know, what brought these two here. As we greeted each other with the loud American gesture across the room, I start walking towards them. With each step I feel a shooting pain in the bottom of my foot. It keeps growing until I can't take the pain. 
There I was. Laying in my bed, realizing that one of my sores from Wrestling(BJJ) and Muay Thai was rubbing against one of my blanket's tags. Thinking to myself, I have to cut those off. Then a pure moment of clarity. What just happened. What felt like a few days, had only been a few dreams. Now I'm left with the thought that makes me wonder, "Just because it was in my head, does that make it not real. It's etched in my memory with a lesson, emotion, and visual picture. Could my dreams be a view into another parallel world, or just be a glimpse of what could be next."

(C) 2011 Nov, Nate Miller's Dream.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Night Ritual

The past few weeks, every special Tuesday, I get to have the honor of getting my body beat on by multiple people, while, trying to fend for my life as I also try to submit the other person. It is the best thing in the world! I absolutely love it. It only last for an hour, since I'm in the real world and my job usually makes me miss the first hour.

After that body wrecking experience, I move on to Muay Thai. Where I get to take out the stress of getting shit on by customers that stop in to Walgreens. Where I really want to ask them, where do you think you are? This isn't BK. You ain't getting it your way, son! But... I have to simply apologize for their rudeness that I can't meet any of their demands. I now understand the stress of having to deal with other nations (which I'm sure is 1000000x more difficult) where you just have to keep telling them that you are not going to meet their demands but they better shape up before we blitzkrieg their ass.

For 2 hours I get to kick and punch pads and learn different types of 4 count-combos that have a mix of kicking and punching, or implementing knees and elbows into the mix as well. Besides learning how to fend for my life (I'm only a buck 33) it's a great workout.

The Class Room

There's a lot of experienced fighters that are amazing teachers. Which makes me want to start giving basketball lessons and other things that I love in this life. What a great feeling it must be to teach someone that is wanting to learn something that the teacher is passionate about.

With all this torture that I put on my body every Tuesday Night (and Hopefully Thursday night... depending on how well my conditioning and fitness increase) I have to spend about 20 minutes tending to my mat burns and any other skin injuries on my body.

Pouring large amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide which then I have to endure the awful pain that it brings. Worst part ever! But I absolutely DO NOT want to get any weird ring worm, Staph, or even worse... MRSA. I'm too much of a germ-a-phobe that I take all the precautions so I don't get anything nasty on this body!

But, I guess, as Amy Whinehouse says: "Pain Makes Me Feel Alive." I wouldn't 100% back that up.. But I'll definitely have that, awesome soreness tomorrow knowing I had a great workout and that I'm improving how much my body can physically do.

Connecting the Mind-Body-Soul one step at a time.

Much Love

PS: What a great Versus Commercial. Inspirational and Motivational. Can't beat those two aspects. This guy is Dropping Some Knowledge! Check it out!!!!!! 2nd Place <--- Click!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bringin' Back the Old School

Since my trip to Taiwan and even when I returned to the States, I've been hooked on reading books. Crazy, I know. Who would have thought that I would spend time reading. I think from my high school days, I didn't even read a single book and well into college I didn't read either. Well except for a few random books like: 
And of course. The Harry Potter Series. 
Which I sped through all 7 in a matter of months.
Since I've been back in the States (probably, 5 months?) I have read a handful of books ranging from straight page-turning-suspense to humbling self-awareness to how-to-make-a-million. Which were all awesome to read and I recommend them to everyone! (Authors: Stieg Larsson, James Patterson, and Timothy Ferris) 
I'm currently on this weird. Ancient. History. Kick. I personally blame the great TV show of Ancient Aliens where I learned to be an avid fan of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos who is one of 'historians' on the show. The best part was when he became part of the Joe Rogan's Experience Podcast #125. (If you have any interest in Ancient Knowledge, Facts, and Theories... Go to the iTunes store and look for Joe Rogan's Podcast #125, I highly recommend it, great for long road trips! It's also FREE!)
But all of this has made me pick up the book, Chariots of the Gods - Erich von Daniken, which blew me away! This book was packed full of simply awe-dropping facts and different information about civilizations that I never knew existed. Along with that, it tells about how highly technological some of the artifacts and buildings we have found over the years. I've always known about the huge stones that most historians/people have thought that the ancients used giant logs to roll these into place, but when I read about everything and all the possibilities, it became clear that there is no way that it would be feasible. The things they did back then, while not having the knowledge of "the wheel" it just gives me that WTF!? moment, as I can't imagine how they did what they did.  
Reading this book (Fingerprints of the Gods - Graham Hancock) and listening to another JR podcast #142 starring Graham Hancock. I have only started this book, and have learned quite a bit already. Some of the mind-blowing information that has taken me back is the fact that Antarctica was mapped out hundreds of years before "we" knew about it. There was a map of Antarctica that actually shows how it looks before all the ice covered the continent. One of the most interesting facts is that Antarctica isn't a huge continent but it is made up of 1 giant land mass and 2 smaller land masses. Graham Hancock introduced me to the theory that something epic happened to the Earth that caused the crust to shift about 2,000 miles. Thus, bringing the ice coverage of Antarctica. Pretty crazy to think about, as the possibility could be there, since... Maybe that shift made North America's great glacier to melt and allow life and Native Americans to thrive there.  
The most amazing thing is the Nazca Lines. I don't even know enough to type up a solid description. So I've attached a short clip about them. This is what I find. just. simply. AMAZING. how'd they do it? why? and it just brings me to another... WTF!?!? moment in my brain as I can't comprehend it. 

With all this talk about Ancient History and the possibility of Ancient Aliens, I gotta jet and go read more about this topic. 
Much Love
PS: Interested in this topic too? Love to talk about it? Hit me up at  If you've heard of something else crazy and sweet, send me a link! Have you heard about Easter Island? Check that out!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


A couple days late, but I've always been told that it's better to be late than never. The first time I had ever been told about make a wish on 11:11pm was back in High School. What a long time ago, and there I was on Friday, November 11th, 2011 @ 11:11pm making one of those super epic wishes. What did I wish for? Man, I'd love to tell you, but then it wouldn't come true... and well it's just not worth that chance!
But it's on the lines of... Staying dedicated to keep learning new things each and everyday that I have. Whether it be getting my ass kicked by a mother of two @Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or learning how not to punch and kick like a girlie-girl @Muay Thai or even to my new fascination, the Piano. 
To be honest, this mother of two, is legit. She's awesome, she's taught me a lot of different escapes, chokes, joint locks, and how to transition to different positions. She's great and I feel amazingly lucky to be able to train and learn from her. Despite her awesome tenacity and how fast she chokes me out or gets me to tap.
The scariest part in this whole after-college life is... The expectation that I should be someone. Have that career, or have my life all figured out. [Which I give props to all that have this together more than I do] I really feel like I'm just learning how awesome this world can be (and how shitty it can be too) but I feel that pressure. These looks from parents whose kids are all starting with great companies. I don't let a lot get to me, but I always get that nervous/awkward/pressure that I should be doing something that other people respect.
I'm sure many people would say, "that's your ego talking, you don't need to keep up with the Jones." Which I understand, but if I get that nervous/tense&Awk pressure, I'm sure other college grads are out there feeling that same pressure. Which sucks, because it's not a cool feeling. I don't think anyone should have to feel this awkward moment.
So remember that you aren't the only one out there, my friends. My hand is up and I have a couple shoulders to lean on. Life isn't made to do a solo run through so let's make it easier for us and take this step together.

Much Love

"I was put here to do something before I'm lying in that casket, I'd be lying on the beat if I said I didn't know what that is, The world's a stage and we a play a character..." Macklemore - Vipassana