Friday, April 27, 2012

A Swift Thought

You know one of those things. Moments in time, where you go... "Shit, that actually makes sense." or maybe one of these, "Damn, I finally get it." 
One of those moments. It smacked me across the face.. Or else I'm just uber bored in my hometown.
I've realized I haven't played a single video game for about 4-5 months. Which for you, are probably thinking, yeah. The rest of the world doesn't really play video games, or I don't play video games. That's perfectly awesome. But for me. I have always played video games since I can remember. Growing up watching my brother play Mega Man. I was a little 5 or 6 year old kid running in the background freaking out that he might not beat the boss of the stage.
This shit, is in my blood. Ingrained into my conscience. I remember spending hours playing Call of Duty with my college roommate. I mean, I met most of my freshman (college) friends playing Halo 2, linking up with random people within Prentiss-Lucas. I had received so many death threats and "kid, do you know who I am. I live in the same dorm as you." My reply, "Ah... No shit Sherlock, of course we are in the same dorm." 
I guess the whole cocky-thing from growing up in this small town really gave me some false confidence to run my mouth. But it worked, to this day, I still have never been in a fight. Nor have I even been punched in the face. (Minus the many times I get popped in the face at Muay Thai or Jiu jitsu) 
 In a strange way. Playing video games really helped me understand this whole life scenario. As in, you gotta put a lot of time into something to be good at it. You are going to suck at everything that you first try. Beginners Luck? Quick Learner? Nah, it's all about being focused. When have you ever stumbled upon a quick learner that wasn't focused on what they were being told/shown? It never happens, quick learners are the type of people everyone despises. The kid in the back of the class that always ask questions. I'm always super curious on why I always thought that was annoying. Cause I'm standing at this moment in time, which I am fully aware that I am that person now.  
In this life, it's supposed to be "our story". We control the fate of the world. We control how our ending comes to conclusion. In many Role Playing Games (RPG), which I have personally played a few. (I am a nerd, but I enjoyed the story in all of them.. for my ADD, it was 10x better than reading a book), you play a character and that character is guided by every single decision you make. Just like life. Every decision we make, concludes the next path in this world that is open or closed for us. 
We open one door, and a different door will be shut. But we just have to keep tunneling through without looking back or saddened that one path will never have the option of being taken. 
Its funny how everything that we do in on this flying rock, we can tie back into how we perceive reality or our life. 
No matter what it is, someone somewhere, will always be able to comprehend and input how it will add value to their life, or somehow change their life for the better. While to another human being, it means absolutely nothing... except for a complete waste of time.

I guess it just comes down to... We all have to find that crutch. That crutch that adds value to us. That makes that tiny change in our life, which will make us crash into the perfect ending we had always been searching for.

Just a Thought
Much Love


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  1. Hey Nate! Thanks for sharing. I love your insights. Don't stop writing. Don't stop analyzing life. I love it. Hope you're doing well. -Katie K