Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Media Fast

I have fallen in love... I've climbed 5 trees in the past few days. I forgot how much fun climbing random things. You are probably wondering, don't I have better things to do.. rather than spending time gazing out at the scenic view that is in front of me? I thought I did until I started this media fast. 
I haven't looked upon a website besides, a guitar tab site, amazon to look for equipment & supplies to start a little show, and to check on my financials via online banking. 
I've realized, within the first 24 hours, that I spent way too much time looking up stupid cool-amazing-articles about space/animals/futuristic inventions/world issues/ etc... and that I have more time than I know what to do with, when I'm not on the internet.
Picked up this old book on my shelf, Tim Ferris' 4 Hour Work Week. Where I received this goofy little trial run of a Media Fast. (Which I might see how long I will last, it seems to get easier everyday) I remember reading this book about a year ago, when I got back from Taiwan... and then I applied absolutely nothing that I read because I was busy slaving away at my retail jail.
This time, with all the "freed up" time why not try some of these abnormal exercises. I just started writing goals for myself within the past year (most likely I'm way behind, since most people have been doing this since High School or before). So obviously one of the first things Mr. Tim Ferris, makes you do is to create a personalized chart of, having/being/doing. 
 So here I am, sitting at my desk making a detailed chart of goals and how I'm going to accomplish this. It's almost a flash-back to high school when my favorite short-tempered and quick-to-kick-me-out teacher, telling me how to plan for the future. (She also told me, I would never graduate college. It was quite the love/hate relationship.) 
The difference in this time, is that I am not such a sucker of influence. I feel, actually I know that I cared a lot of what people thought about me and based what I did via what I think is cool/right/acceptable. I most likely still have that thought, but not as much as when I was 18-ish. Climbing trees and creating a homemade brownie recipe probably isn't the forte' of most 24 year olds. 
 Staring at this short goal list, that contains 15 goals (5 goals per having/being/doing) and adding direction on how I'm going to do it, plus the cost of having/being/doing. (e.g., Being: I want to be flexible ---> survive an Advanced Yoga Class ---> Cost is free, Snap Fitness offers free classes to members) I realize that each goal is super easy to attain. They are all reachable as I actually stare at it and follow the path that I created to each one. 
This is one of those moments, where I look up, think to myself, "I'm an idiot. Why haven't I done this before?" This makes life 10x easier which makes me feel utterly silly for not even trying this back in the day because I was too cool for school. 
The only thing left is to follow this flow chart that I made for myself and not get distracted by more entertaining things that seem to always find me. 

Much Love,

Alastar Swift 


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