Sunday, December 4, 2011

Just Another Night

There I was. Calmly walking through this white pastel hallway leading up to an smooth wooden door. I wasn't sure on why I felt so confident walking in, but there was a strange feeling of a need to bust down this door with a swift kick. Bang, one forward kick breaks the door free as I feel a rush of adrenaline pump through my body. As I proceed forward I encounter two massively-built biker dudes, who are taken back but are now ready to defend themselves. 
I have this recollection, that I was warned on how dangerous these two thugs were going to be and how infamous they were at man-handling people to where trying to identifying them was nearly impossible. Somehow, that didn't stop me from carrying forward as I narrowly ducked out of the way of the incoming fury of punches.
At that moment I remembered all my training from before, the long hard hours spent learning armed combat as I became excellent at dodging and countering two human giants. I realize I have an onyx-colored metal object in my hand as I swiftly duck under a right cross and counter with a hammering blow. I can hear the thick grunt of pain coming from the direct hit and out of the corner of my eye I see his friend coming to my left. I swing my hips and impede his attack with a quick reverse kick to his inner thigh. Stunned with his legs spread apart and trying to gain balance, I make the terrible decision to attempt a golf swing straight to his groin.
There it was. The look of disgust, pain, and how could you on his scarred face as I connect with my risky golf swing. There's a moment where it's freeze frame and I'm starring him straight in the eyes and calmly speaking Mandarin Chinese. As I drop the metal object and fly by the two guards, I quickly search the drawers for the item I'm desperately searching for.
Ah ha! I found it, what it is, I'm not sure but I've decided not to stay long enough for ogre #1 and #2 to regain consciousness. As I sprint back out the door where I expect to run back through the pastel hallway, I break through the bright light and find myself in a giant mall filled with thousands of shoppers. 
There I was, desperately trying to understand this change of scenery as I'm being chased by tons of people in black suits. I find myself running in slow motion through hallways, stairwells, random doors to try and get away. Each floor has a different color code reminding me that I need to keep moving or else these people are going to catch me and my gut feeling tells me it won't be friendly. 
That's the moment where I find myself running towards a quaint coffee shop that connects 4 different corridors in this giant mall. My fear of these secret agents die and it is replaced with nervousness and I become very hesitant to continue towards this place. Nearing closer I realize I recognize this mystery girl, who is eagerly waiting for me to relieve her of the two drinks in front of her. 
 There I was. Sitting opposite of her, shaky knees, sweaty hands and all. Nervous and scared to really tell her what I thought of everything. Just as she finished speaking and I was about to reply, I feel a slight tempo change as time began to slow down. I have two thoughts in my head, do I tell her or do I get up so I can use this chair and swing for the fences?
 Before I could even contemplate on each, I was already standing and pivoting with chair-in-hand swinging for the fences. As I'm swinging at whatever is behind me, I realize that the "suits" have caught up with me again. The woman bartender screams in horror as I connect chair to face of the suit sneaking up behind me. The wooden chair explodes into a cloud of splinters as I tell the mystery girl to run!
I can't believe it, this only happens in those really bad kung-fu movies. I'm fighting my way through numerous of 'suits' ducking, dodging, countering, kicking, and punching to my well deserved escape route. In the heat of battle I find myself smiling and laughing as I realize that these Muay Thai classes are actually coming into use. Just as that thought escapes me I get a full-blown wake up punch to the face... 
It almost felt real, as I find myself laying in my bed with a nice cold sweat covering my body. I think to myself, I can't let a dream end like that and return to my earlier state of being... 
 As I return to mayhem, I realize that I am no longer battling the 'suits' from before. I find myself running towards an airport with an important message to tell Ty. I realize that I am running in a grass field with the skyline bright blue in front of me and as I turn to my left I find a city on fire and gunshots are heard from above. I find myself trying to run even faster but I feel as if I'm stuck in slow motion. I can feel myself being out of breathe and the layer of sweat almost feels real as I wipe my forehead. 
I pop open the cabin to this sunflower-yellow-single-seat-plane and prepare to take off. I'm creeping through the hangar and can see people yelling and chasing me while firing off a couple rounds at me. I blast through and start getting up to speed on the runway so that I can escape this place and fulfill my obligations. I start seeing the end of the runway and find myself cursing because I'm not even close to the correct speed. With all my might I pull the controls closer to me with the hopes that I can get this bad boy off the ground and away from this dreadful scene.   "15 feet and I'm out of runway." I think to myself as I close my eyes, curse at Ty for dragging me into this mess and pray that I can survive. 
As I comeback to reality, I quickly toss and turn trying to keep this movie playing in my head...
I'm flying! I can't believe it. I know how to fly an airplane. That's all I could think about as I roam the skies doing hairpin turns and banking left and right. I was in shock and just soaked up the beautiful scenery of baby blue skies and fluffy white clouds. After reaching this nirvana high of flying I realize that I need to deliver this letter to Ty. I decide to reach in my pocket and read what I risked my life for. The moment I open the letter...
 I find myself, fending off the bright light and loud noises as my nephew barges into my room firing the nerf guns at me. Thinking to myself, I knew I was going to regret buying those... 

(c) 2011 Dec

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