Monday, November 14, 2011

Bringin' Back the Old School

Since my trip to Taiwan and even when I returned to the States, I've been hooked on reading books. Crazy, I know. Who would have thought that I would spend time reading. I think from my high school days, I didn't even read a single book and well into college I didn't read either. Well except for a few random books like: 
And of course. The Harry Potter Series. 
Which I sped through all 7 in a matter of months.
Since I've been back in the States (probably, 5 months?) I have read a handful of books ranging from straight page-turning-suspense to humbling self-awareness to how-to-make-a-million. Which were all awesome to read and I recommend them to everyone! (Authors: Stieg Larsson, James Patterson, and Timothy Ferris) 
I'm currently on this weird. Ancient. History. Kick. I personally blame the great TV show of Ancient Aliens where I learned to be an avid fan of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos who is one of 'historians' on the show. The best part was when he became part of the Joe Rogan's Experience Podcast #125. (If you have any interest in Ancient Knowledge, Facts, and Theories... Go to the iTunes store and look for Joe Rogan's Podcast #125, I highly recommend it, great for long road trips! It's also FREE!)
But all of this has made me pick up the book, Chariots of the Gods - Erich von Daniken, which blew me away! This book was packed full of simply awe-dropping facts and different information about civilizations that I never knew existed. Along with that, it tells about how highly technological some of the artifacts and buildings we have found over the years. I've always known about the huge stones that most historians/people have thought that the ancients used giant logs to roll these into place, but when I read about everything and all the possibilities, it became clear that there is no way that it would be feasible. The things they did back then, while not having the knowledge of "the wheel" it just gives me that WTF!? moment, as I can't imagine how they did what they did.  
Reading this book (Fingerprints of the Gods - Graham Hancock) and listening to another JR podcast #142 starring Graham Hancock. I have only started this book, and have learned quite a bit already. Some of the mind-blowing information that has taken me back is the fact that Antarctica was mapped out hundreds of years before "we" knew about it. There was a map of Antarctica that actually shows how it looks before all the ice covered the continent. One of the most interesting facts is that Antarctica isn't a huge continent but it is made up of 1 giant land mass and 2 smaller land masses. Graham Hancock introduced me to the theory that something epic happened to the Earth that caused the crust to shift about 2,000 miles. Thus, bringing the ice coverage of Antarctica. Pretty crazy to think about, as the possibility could be there, since... Maybe that shift made North America's great glacier to melt and allow life and Native Americans to thrive there.  
The most amazing thing is the Nazca Lines. I don't even know enough to type up a solid description. So I've attached a short clip about them. This is what I find. just. simply. AMAZING. how'd they do it? why? and it just brings me to another... WTF!?!? moment in my brain as I can't comprehend it. 

With all this talk about Ancient History and the possibility of Ancient Aliens, I gotta jet and go read more about this topic. 
Much Love
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