Thursday, November 17, 2011

Proteins and Carbs and Fats... Oh My!

I have a problem. That problem arises from as far back as I can remember. I. Am. A. Health. Nut. Yes, there are more dedicated people than me. Which always makes me think I can do better. Which is awesome because I could listen to people talk about how this chemical compound mixed with this Amino Acid will jack your muscles up or how this protein compound plus this herbal remedy will greatly reduce your body fat.

I think it's amazing how knowledgeable people are when it comes to their own human body. These people may not have passed high school biology (I'm sure most did) but... What I mean is that they may have not had huge strides in science or what is taught is the education system, yet they are some crazy mad scientists when it comes to the human biology and how it reacts to certain chemicals at pre, during, and post workouts.

It blows me away, and I visited a friend that has this mad scientist part of him. (which is awesome, I wish I had that type of knowledge) I simply asked him that, 1) I'm losing weight way too fast and 2) how do I keep it at this [secret] weight. I was taken back. He Dropped Some Knowledge on my ass. It was awesome, I could ask him anything and he told me what I should expect if I take it properly.

I had to think to myself, what a great feeling it has to be when you can help explain how important different supplement are to improving your life. Although, they are only supplements and should supplement a great nutritional diet to really feel the changes. Let's be honest, there is not a "Limitless" Pill, nor would they ever let the common person come in contact with that.

There is one type of supplement that I strongly believe in. I believe that it helps me endure the shitty 8 hour days of retail. Memorize, Remember, and Process all the new information that comes into my life, whether it be, new joint locks or chokes, escapes or take-downs, new combinations in Muay Thai, trying to understand the Ancient Civilizations, or to this, simply writing. It keeps me focused, clear minded, and my attention span is off the charts.

Onnit Labs is the creators/site where I dabble with improving my Congnitive Functions and having the most crazy-awesome-unexplainable dreams. Alpha Brain + New Mood. Best Sleep + Best Dreams I've ever had.

Few of My Current Supplements from Onnit Labs
I take days off and still feel great. I understand that there is a Placebo Effect (which I believe in). Most times, when I get off work, I really just want to sit my ass down on that couch and watch TV. When I do take Alpha Brain I can tell the difference when I get off work when I usually have the mental power to still learn something [piano, guitar or MMA]. That difference right there is why I like to share this with all my friends.

I also signed up to help save some cash for my friends, If you type in the coupon code LUCKY you can save 10% your first order. I would recommend to try Alpha Brain and New Mood.  But since I'm a poor-ass college grad I understand money is tight. It took me a few paychecks to save up for a nice sized order (as you can see in the picture, above)

If anything, check out the site, poke and prod the site and read some information on it. Want to try a free sample, let me know, I'll gladly let you try it out for a couple days. Until next time....

Seize the Day!!

Much Love

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