Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Night Ritual

The past few weeks, every special Tuesday, I get to have the honor of getting my body beat on by multiple people, while, trying to fend for my life as I also try to submit the other person. It is the best thing in the world! I absolutely love it. It only last for an hour, since I'm in the real world and my job usually makes me miss the first hour.

After that body wrecking experience, I move on to Muay Thai. Where I get to take out the stress of getting shit on by customers that stop in to Walgreens. Where I really want to ask them, where do you think you are? This isn't BK. You ain't getting it your way, son! But... I have to simply apologize for their rudeness that I can't meet any of their demands. I now understand the stress of having to deal with other nations (which I'm sure is 1000000x more difficult) where you just have to keep telling them that you are not going to meet their demands but they better shape up before we blitzkrieg their ass.

For 2 hours I get to kick and punch pads and learn different types of 4 count-combos that have a mix of kicking and punching, or implementing knees and elbows into the mix as well. Besides learning how to fend for my life (I'm only a buck 33) it's a great workout.

The Class Room

There's a lot of experienced fighters that are amazing teachers. Which makes me want to start giving basketball lessons and other things that I love in this life. What a great feeling it must be to teach someone that is wanting to learn something that the teacher is passionate about.

With all this torture that I put on my body every Tuesday Night (and Hopefully Thursday night... depending on how well my conditioning and fitness increase) I have to spend about 20 minutes tending to my mat burns and any other skin injuries on my body.

Pouring large amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide which then I have to endure the awful pain that it brings. Worst part ever! But I absolutely DO NOT want to get any weird ring worm, Staph, or even worse... MRSA. I'm too much of a germ-a-phobe that I take all the precautions so I don't get anything nasty on this body!

But, I guess, as Amy Whinehouse says: "Pain Makes Me Feel Alive." I wouldn't 100% back that up.. But I'll definitely have that, awesome soreness tomorrow knowing I had a great workout and that I'm improving how much my body can physically do.

Connecting the Mind-Body-Soul one step at a time.

Much Love

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