Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Small World"

There I was. In this foreign place that seemed so familiar. I was searching for something. What? I could not say. I just kept moving, moving past the signs which I couldn't make out and the people that I didn't recognize. I started to move faster until I hit an opening. And there it was. My destination. I finally caught up with my friends that I met from My Adventure. It couldn't have been more clear than to recognize, Suet, Ia, and Ryuichi. 
There I was. Back in Taiwan. Speaking Mandarine and laughing with my friends. My surroundings became clear as I could finally make clear of the symbols and sayings that hung everywhere. Just as I had figured out this environment it suddenly changed. I'm racing up this steep hill. Chasing something, somebody in a bright blue car. I'm speeding past small shops and nearly hitting pedestrians. Am I in an action movie? No, I finally figure out that I'm racing Ryuichi to his restaurant. I'm almost there, almost caught up to him and as I near the top, My car stalls from the climb being too steep. I can feel the panic, the fear as my car starts to pick up speed from rolling backwards. I calm myself, making a shifting movement and blast through a side alley with the feeling of relief as I made it.
There I was. Stepping out of the car. Just as my foot hits the ground, everything changes. I'm placed inside this restaurant. With a feeling of excitement to finally see my friend's dream come true. His very own restaurant. I'm taken back, with a slight, of-all-places-kind of feeling. I see two old friends from High School. Prinzy and Hollerud. Of all people, these two sitting indian style sipping on ancient cups full of Ryuichi's prized soup. I had to know, what brought these two here. As we greeted each other with the loud American gesture across the room, I start walking towards them. With each step I feel a shooting pain in the bottom of my foot. It keeps growing until I can't take the pain. 
There I was. Laying in my bed, realizing that one of my sores from Wrestling(BJJ) and Muay Thai was rubbing against one of my blanket's tags. Thinking to myself, I have to cut those off. Then a pure moment of clarity. What just happened. What felt like a few days, had only been a few dreams. Now I'm left with the thought that makes me wonder, "Just because it was in my head, does that make it not real. It's etched in my memory with a lesson, emotion, and visual picture. Could my dreams be a view into another parallel world, or just be a glimpse of what could be next."

(C) 2011 Nov, Nate Miller's Dream.

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